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“Ahlan wa sahlan”: A warm welcome to Egypt ...

I was so excited when receiving a message from Bruce Dick, President of the International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH) accepting that the first Middle East and North Africa region of IAAH to be held in Cairo. The Boards of the Egyptian Society for Adolescent Medicine and the Arab Coalition for Adolescent Medicine have been also thrilled with joy. But, gradually we felt it is a big responsibility. It is having a large number of distinguished scholars from all over the World under one roof as our guests. However, we did it before on several occasions and are sure we can do it again. We all want this event to be a great success, and to let our guests have a rewarding and memorable scientific and social experience. We shall do our best to do that. The scientific committee of the conference will strive to make it an opulent scientific event.

“TOWARDS HEALTH AND WELLBEING FOR ALL ADOLESCENTS BY 2030” is the slogan for the conference. It is not just words, it is a reality. Responding to the needs and rights of young people in a holistic manner and providing them with care and support will no doubt promote their health, development and well-being and protect them from dangers and disease. These young people are the future as much as they are the present. However they are the most neglected sector of the population especially in the developing world. Happy and healthy adolescents are better equipped to be the responsible parents and citizens of tomorrow. There are many factors and stakeholders involved and there are many barriers and opportunities. That is what this conference about. We will probably hear many views from many parts of the world with different sociocultural and traditional contexts.

Cairo is a large, crowded and astonishing capital. It is full of contrast but is worth experiencing. There are so many attractions that you could enjoy. Food is amazingly variable in Egypt and you have to try the local dishes. Tourists usually find the Egyptian people friendly, helpful and welcoming as well as having a good sense of humor. There will be a tourist desk at the conference from “Manar Travel” that can guide you and provide trustworthy care. There are well controlled tourists packages before and after the conference that would be only for the conference participants and for very reasonable prices. The tourist desk can also tailor your sightseeing requests to your personal needs.

We are looking forward having you with us during this important and interesting meeting and to welcoming you saying “Ahlan wa sahlan”.

Mamdouh Wahba
President, Egyptian Society for Adolescent Medicine